Top 10 Foods & Drinks for Weight Loss

Top 10 Foods & Drinks for Weight Loss

In 21st Century the biggest stress & complex in a person's life is Weight Loss. Food Lovers are mostly the victim of the Overweight syndrome. A person's health can be judged by by looking at its weight as it is the first visible factor of a sound health. So here we are with 10 superfoods & drinks to make you slim again.


1. OATS for Weight loss



Oats is  FIBRE rich cereal grain that have magical properties. It contains a lot of Nutrients that can cut down your Fat and lower your cholestrol if consumed regularly. It is a best source of resistant starch and therefore it digests slowly and triggers the release of digestive acids that suppress appetite and accelerate calorie-burn.


2. Green Tea for Weight loss



Green Tea is a type of tea made from Camellia leaves. This tea is very popular in Asian countries specially in India & China. Green tea is loaded with lots of antioxidants that accelerate the metabolism and helps in weight loss. It also flushes out the acids from the body resulting in clear skin.


3. Flaxseeds for Weight loss



Flaxseeds are seeds formed by the plant linum. They are also known as common seeds. Flaxseeds are rich in Fiber and therefore are hard to digest. It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids which slow downs the absorption of fat resulting in weight loss.


4. Almonds for Weight loss



Almonds are packed with rich nutrients. It contain Vitamin E which helps in weight loss as it is hard to digest and slows down the absorption of fat. Almonds also contain Vitamin b which stops sugar craving.


5. Eggs for Weight loss



Eggs are rich in antioxidants and nutrients and can be a part of many recepies without adding fat to your body. Eggs can be combined with many superfoods to double its effect on weight loss. Egg whites are high in protein and low in fat therefore it can result into a sudden weight loss.


6. Cranberry Juice for Weight loss



Cranberry's are rich in Vitamin C and many antioxidants which when consumed in the form of juice can do wonders to your body. Cranberry juice removes all the fluids from the body causing water retention which causes weight loss.


7. Olive Oil for Weight loss



Olive oil is a derived by processing olives. It is commonly used in cooking & salad's. If consumed regularly olive oil can cause weight loss because of its high nutrional value. 


8. Blueberries for Weight loss



Blueberries are rich in carbohydrates, protein, water and good fat. It also contains Vitamin C and dietary fiber which can result in weight loss. Its antioxidants accelerate the metabolism that can give you luxury without gaining fat.


9. Yogurt for Weight loss



Yogurt is rich in protein, calcium and multi Vitamins that can boost your immunity. It is easily digestible and causes weight loss. Due to its high protein & calcium content metabolism responds well which further results in weight loss.


10. Mushroom for Weight loss



Mushrooms contains high quantity of carbohydrates and protein but are very low in fats. It helps you in reducing calorie intake and also sheds some weight. It also contains fiber and Vitamin D.