How to do Nail Art at Home 2018

How to do Nail Art at Home 2018

Nail art can complement your outfit for a special event or add a unique touch to your personality every day. While very detailed nail art is best left to professionals, there are a number of designs you can create yourself. Try duo-tones, glitter and jewels, polka dots, blended colors, marbling or stamping to create a gorgeous effect.


1. Paint just the tip of your Nail with a different Color Nail Art



  1. Apply a basecoat color or a clear basecoat. Allow the polish to dry.
  2. Place a French manicure sticker across your nail, leaving the tip exposed. If you don't have a French manicure sticker, use a similarly-shaped sticker, such as the circular stickers that reinforce punched holes in paper.
  3. Paint the tip color above the sticker. It's okay if you overlap the paint with the sticker a bit.
  4. Remove the sticker while the paint is still wet, so you don't pull of chips of paint with it when you take it off.
  5. Allow the design to dry completely and finish it off with clear top coat.


2. Add a jewel or sticker Nail Art



  1. Apply a base coat color or a clear base coat. Allow the polish to dry.
  2. Place a dab of nail glue or nail gel on your nail. Put it high on the nail, toward the tip, or in a lower corner. Think about where it will look best.
  3. Pick up the jewel or sticker with a pair of tweezers and drop it onto the gel or glue. Use the tweezers to gently press it into place. Allow the glue to dry.
  4. Paint a clear top coat over the nail to keep the sticker or jewel from falling off.


3. Polka Dot Designs Nail Art



Create simple dots. Choose two colors, a base coat and a dot color. If you'd like, you can use multiple colors for the dots.

  1. Apply the basecoat color. Allow it to dry completely.
  2. Dip a small brush, toothpick or pin into the polish you chose for the dots and lightly tap the implement on your nail. Continue doing this until your nail has as many dots as you want. For other effects, you can create dots of varying sizes by using thinner or thicker-tipped implements. To make fading or trailing dots, dip the implement in the paint once and apply several dots without reapplying paint. You can also use your fine-tipped implement to drag the paint out from the wet dot to create rays, swirls and other designs.
  3. When the dots are dry, finish with a clear top coat.
  4. Make a floral design. An arrangement of dots can be made to look like a flower. Choose three colors: a base coat color, a color for the center of the flowers, and a color for the petals.
  5. Create a leopard print. For this look choose two colors: a light and a dark. Try fuchsia or orange and black.


4. Water-Marbled Designs Nail Art



  1. Apply the basecoat color. Allow it to dry completely.
  2. Add color to the water. Drop some polish into the water from a low height. Notice how it creates a circle of color within the water.
  3. Drop an alternate color into the center of the first color. Continue adding drops in the same way, at the center of the circle of color, alternating the colors until you see a bulls-eye shape.
  4. Apply the design to your nails. Spread petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails and onto your fingers.


5. Blended Color Designs Nail Art



  1. Make a swirl. You'll need three different colors: a base coat plus two different colors that will look good swirled together on top of the base coat.
  2. Try gradient (ombre) nails. Ombre looks best with colors in the same color family, like purples and blues. For this look, you'll need three colors: a dark color, a medium color, and a light one.
  3. Create a watercolor effect. In this case you'll need two or more colors: white, and another color or two of your choice.
  4. Make acid-washed nails. To simulate the look of acid-washed jeans, use blue and white polishes.


6. Splatter Paint Nail Art



Splatter designs will never go out of fashion: simple, long lasting and effortless, this nail design is the perfect choice for the artist inside of you!


7. Glitter Nails Art



  1. Paint all your nails black as the background color.
  2. Place the V sticker or the corner of a piece of tape near the tips as shown.
  3. Paint the bottom half with the glitter polish.
  4. Wait for a minute before you carefully pull away the tape or sticker.
  5. Finish it off with a top coat.