Upper Back Tattoos Designs

Upper Back Tattoos Designs

Upper Back Tattoos

Upper back tattoos are getting popular nowadays. Likelihood of change in skin around upper back is less relatively different parts of the body with the increase in our age. Before going for a tattoo, make sure that your tattoo artist has a great understanding. Here we are with best upper back tattoo designs. Have a look - 


WARNING - You might get Tattoo-struck after reading this post !


1. Bow on Your Upper Back




This is Bow design adding wow to your upper back. This design will stick to your spinal cord. It gives a sleek yet appealing look to your back. You can try this design in another color too like Blood Red, Green and Wine.

2. Embodied Rose



This is a very unique design giving your back a dazzling look. This design contains a Rose with name and date embodied in it. This design can be on any side of the upper back. You can also color the rose with Red color or any other color you like. 


3. The Snake Devil



This design is a very hot demanded style mostly on the upper back of the body. It contains a skull and a snake above the skull. You can also add some modifications to this design by giving a border color to the skull of your choice. 

4. Bird on Fire



This is a very Unique design of an independent bird ready to fly. It also denotes an independent bird on fire. This design is usually large covering your whole upper back. You can also add any color of your like to this design.


5. The Dolphin Lady 



This is one of the most amazing design i came across. It contains 3 dolphins, 2 fishes, sea shells, sea plants and more. This design gives a complete look of under sea view. This design is a full back design. 

6. Arabic Lady 



This design is a arabic lady with an eagle and flower. It is a very different tattoo because of its realness and simplicity. It cover your entire back yet it does'nt look still gives a sleek look.


7. Artist



This design is the most exclusive tattoo of my list. It contains a boy drawing butterflies with a leaf and you can see some more butterflies flying. You can modify this design in any color you want and it can be drawn on any side or center of the upper back.

8. Tree with Roots



This is a unique design as it contains a tree with it roots. This design is usually small and can drawn at the center of the neck. It denotes that you are all grown up in any way but still you are connected to your roots.


9. Artistic Tiger



This design contains an artistically drawn tiger. This design can also be colored with solid colors or a 3d effect can be given at its border.

10. Flower Design



This is a different design containing modified flowers. This design can also be colorful. Colors like red and purple can give it a dazzling effect.